About WightShadow

Ladies and gentleman, I want you to understand, this motherfucker’s  crazy.  WighTShadow makes a wide variety of styles of music from Dance songs to Gansta rap to conscious music. Give him a chance. Watch, I promise you he is worth it. He believes he has the soul of every rapper embodied within his heart and soul, and yo momma loves him too.

  The world will know who he is. He is a beast on stage, and no one can deny the power of his songs like: ” Pussy on My Mind”, “Hooked on Chronic”, or his other instant classic,  “Jump on My Dick”; all from his album, “G2H – Got 2 Hustle” available now.   Fans will soon be treated to his next project, Overdosing on Bitches, or ODOB. “Yes, this mutha fukka is as ignant as they come.” -a quote by everyone.

  Wightshadow, aka Michael Whalen is a white boy from the hood. He is 100 % authentic, 100% real. His lyrics are not imagined and made up, he writes what he has lived. He was born in Cheverly MD, and lived in Capitol Heights, MD until he was 7. Then he was bounced round from home to home. He has been homeless, and always had to fight his way through life.    

    Music hasn’t always been. He,(*ahem, ahem) may of been a drug dealer, may have been through a few things, may have been high before during or after or all of the above or was just ballz out getting it. WighTShadoW turned to music after realizing that these rappers were talking bout what he was doing and getting paid for it and not risking their virginity.


The Carters, gave him a life line- his Pops Sherman Carter , Uncle Greg and his Granma  Carter got him through his HS years. After graduating, he later joined the army, got out, and then got into dealing and hustling. This gangsta shit is  no bullshit- and luckily, he got out of the life before the life got him or did he?

 Its been a  long journey to the stage, but WighTShadow is finally here, to make you laugh, dance and earn your respect as fan, as friend, as family.  So hold on tight, you ain’t never seen anything like him.

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